About Me

I'm a second year computer science master's student at SFU.
I research on making better software (and making existing software better) for modern programming needs.
My passion lies somewhere in the intersection of software, human behavior, and education.

I follow many blogs. So many that it is hard to select what to read.
So I built a website to choose a blog post for me.

I like to read books.
My Favorites find their way into my blog. You can find the rest of my reads on goodreads.

I'm a pretty good engineer, and a friendly teammate.
(You can ask my friends/ex-coworkers. :) )
If you are looking to hire me, here's my resume.

I have a wide range of interests.
Lex friedman Podcast, JRE, Tim Ferris Show, Famous Failures, and Huberman Lab are my favorite podcasts. They invite amazing guests. This is how I usually find new interesting people.
I rate the movies I watch on IMDB.
I follow people in business and marketing who try to make businesses about humans, not customers.
Personal Prospecting, Dorothy Huynh, Derek Sivers, and Nathan Barry to name a few.
I also binge read nerdy tech memes.

Email me at [email protected].