About Me

Writing "about me" sections always has a strange feeling!

I'm Mohammad Ganji, I've been a student most of my life, until I got my Master's degree from SFU.
I created Learn in the Open to keep the habit of learning new things alive by building in public. It's a documentation of my curiosities. A newsletter where I create series and share my progress and experiments in learning a new skill through doing a project.

I follow many blogs and newsletters.
So many that it is hard to select what to read.
So I built a website to choose a blog post for me.
It's Kinda like a blog post dispenser.

I like to read books.
My Favorites find their way into my blog.
You can find the rest on goodreads.

I'm also a chess enthusiast. You can find me on chess.com. I've found friends through chess before, you can be one too. Let's play a game.

If you like to get in touch, this is my email: [email protected].

P.S. See what I'm doing now.